Equity investment

Low-vol portfolio, active overlay

Low-vol portfolio, active overlay

Rivage Investment has shaped an equity asset class offering that combines low volatility portfolios with actively managed option strategies.

A private investor and an institutional investor do not have the same investment objectives, nor the same guidelines when investing in the stock markets. Our strategies are built to respond to such constrains, and contain two main investment layers:

  • A diversified equity performance engine, selected with a quantitative approach to offer a better risk-reward ratio than the regular benchmarks and exhibiting lower volatility over the medium-term
  • A derivative portfolio (option based strategies) that addresses specific fund management issues such as: risk management (drawdown risk mitigation), capital requirement reduction, entry/exit point risk reduction, ...

The investment strategies are based on quantitative models adapted to current market conditions. Funds can be index-driven or discretionary. In this latter case, the models can be dynamic and adapted to the asset manager’s current views, and optimised to the specific needs of the investors.


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